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I'm pleased to welcome you on my website.

To start with, I'd like to point out that everything you find on this site, especially the photographs, are protected by copyright and may not be used for commercial or private purposes.

A brief introduction of my person.
I am Friedrich Esser and 64 years old. I was born in Germany 1956 near Cologne where I have lived until recently.
From spring in 2008 I have taken a time-out from my job and live most of the time in Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.
Since my childhood I have been breeding peacocks,quails,pidgeons, 
pheasants and some kind of wild birds,that is more than 35 years.
I was always very fond of peacocks, especially of those green ones, which are named in Germany the peacocks which bear a garland corna ear according to their headdress.
Since 1974 I have been member of the World Pheasant Association,in 
brief WPA,which commits itself to the protection of gallinaceous birds in the world.
What has inspired me to establish this Internetsite,which will be continously updated as soon as I have the necessary means and new material.There are not many people who get down to investigate those bird species which are close to extinction, since it is very time-consuming, costly and not exactly safe.
Most information you can obtain on the wild living peacock "Pavo Muticus" are partly obsolete and do not correspond to the latest developments in research. Over and above it many peacocks have adopted to the changing living conditions. There are many more subspecies in the wilderness to be found than hitherto suspected. I join the opinion of many experts that photographs and illustrations found in books and on the Internet on the green peacock are crossbreeds,also called a Bastard or Halfbreed , which widely derive from the blue Peacock "Pavo Cristatus" from India.
My intention is to pass all the information I have onto those who are interested in those wonderful gallinaceous birds.
I attach great importance on photographs of wild living peacocks in the wildernis and their surroundings.
I intend to travel all the countries in Asia where are still peacocks in the open countryside.
Friedrich Esser

Here some nice pics from my wife Prani me and our Thai Pavo muticus imperator

Unfortunately we had to close our farm in 2017 of sickness !!!

So please ask me not if we can export some birds to your country
Here some pics from our old farm in the North of Thailand
We breed there not only Green Peacocks also many Pheasant species Jungle Fowl and Partridges.