Status quo of the green peacock in South Laos in March 2009

Chiang Mai, April 2009

The only information of recent date which I found on the existence of green peacocks comes from the internet, but by March 2009 they were already 10 years old. I have got the information of an american expert according to which there are still peacocks on the plateau of Boleven, with an diameter of about 100 km, on an altitude between 900 and 1400 meters. According to his information an Imperator specis is reported to live there which differs considerably from the far known Imperator specis through golden breast feather and handwings which are brighter in the blue and green area.

I crossed the plateau with a motorcycle and scouted a large part of the outskirts with a local bus, but the memory of their existence goes ten years back. It was superfluous to ask for their color since they can't tell between an indian and laotian peacock, though 90% of the population knows peacocks. I learned from the existence of peacocks 100 km in the west of Attapeu, which I will see within two years, when Cambodia and Laos are on my agenda. I also heard of a stock in the east of Attapeu which is on the way to Vietnam.

Another habitat is said to be next to the triangle of Emerad, which is located on the border to Thailand and Cambobia. About this I can't tell anything yet, since these places aren't easily accessible.There is a recorded existence in certain places above the Phou Xiang National park of Pakxe I have heard of. But as I mentioned before, I only rely on what I myself have seen. The situation in Laos is far more harder than I thought before. Transport and communications aren't extended as in Thailand and the worst of it, peacocks aren't protected and can be hunted. Wherever I went I heard soop alleu. They are said to be delicious when cut into pieces.

I hope that my next visit will be more successful.

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