Our aviaries for breeding pairs each 12m x 12m
Breeding aviary for young peacock from the secent months
One of our breeding hens Pavo muticus imperator

Our private Peacock Project

Launched in May 2009 with a land purchase, followed by construction from a house and building a new plant small aviaries in Doi Saket near Chiang Mai in the northern Thailand `s. In May 2010, after many visits to the authorities, the purchase of the first green peacocks Pavo muticus imperator. These peacocks are all from breedind stations from the  wildlife department and direct offspring of wild caught peacocks. Our breeding station is under the control of the Wildlife Department and the Veterinary Office.
The purpose is to build a good strange blood captive population with the aim to give the offspring in good experienced  breeder hands , especially for new blood on outstanding amounts Europe and Overseas. Even as a gene reserve for the future, because without private owners and breeders it is perhaps not possible a later new re-introduction in the nature. Preservation of the species is breeding, It has a breeder never wiped out a species, this do other people, partly unnecessary or overly harsh laws that often do not allow import or export of new blood, etc..

On the following link you can go to the breeding station